August 17 (2013) – Sunshine Enduro

Course Description:
A mass start for Men and Women categories from the Thunderhead Gondola summit will climb the Duster service road to the Sunshine trailhead to the trail intersection of Sunshine & Cathy’s as a time-neutral climb, approximately 3 miles with 600 feet elevation gain. The timed race will start at the junction of Cathy’s Cutoff and Sunshine trails.  Race will descend Sunshine trail to lower Chisholm trail-road, to Elkhead Trail, left onto Moonlight Trial to Valley View Trailhead.  Descend Valley View to Wrangler’s Gulch Trailhead, to Buckin’ Bronc to EZ Rider to Finish at base area: Approximate elevation loss: 3000 vertical feet.

Stage 1: Start at Gondola summit at 3:30pm ~  Mass start by Category at the “Gun” with Neutralized climb the Duster Service Road to Sunshine Trail and Cathy’s Cut Off trail intersection. Timing Starts on a “as rider ready” basis from the trail intersection (top of neutral climb) where Sunshine and Cathy’s intersect.  Finish at Base area.
NOTE: the late afternoon start time is designed to avoid trail closure to the “public” and provide racers with a course that is void of all “public” bike traffic. Coarse marshals and medical staff will be located at critical course-trail intersections for racer safety.

Timing details-August 17
-Mass start by category, 3:30pm, Start of Timing at Sunshine and Cathy’s Cut Off Trail intersections.
-Finish at Base Area
-Awards at Gondola Sq. Base area 5:30pm
-Post Race Beer Sponsored by New Belgium Brewing!

NOTE: the RED map lines indicate the climbing portion and the BLUE indicates the descent.
Steamboat Downhill Trails